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Exhibitions FMJ25         >  FULL METAL JOKER  an Emiliano Montanari film, starring Matthew Modine

“Full Metal Jacket Diary Redux” by Matthew Modine
2012 is the 25th anniversary of Stanely Kubrick’s Full Metal
Jacket. The Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma pays homage to Kubrick’s masterpiece with an exhibition of photographs by Matthew Modine taken on-set during the historic filming. In 1985 Matthew Modine was the young talented actor chosen by Stanley Kubrick to star in and portray Private Joker in the sometimes sardonic, at times humorous, and often deeply disturbing portrait of the Vietnam War. This exhibition of photographs gives a never before shown, behind the scenes view of the almost 2 years filming Kubrick’s tale of bootcamp and war. Pvt. Joker is a disenchanted Marine Corp Combat Correspondent. After weeks of traumatic bootcamp, he witnesses the killing of his Drill Instructor and the brutal suicide of a fellow Marine. Pvt. Joker is then shipped to Vietnam. As a Combat Corespondent, Joker is engaged in writing stories designed to sanitize the experience of war and rewrite the number of Vietcong kills. During the filming  Kubrick allows Modine to do something almost unheard of on a Kubrick set. Stanley allows Matthew to load his camera, a medium format twin-lens reflex, with actual film. Now, after 25 years, Modine’s photos are finally being shared. His use of the camera gives the viewer a personal, poetic knowledge of the backstage of filming what has been described as one of the greatest war films ever made. The exhibition is being curated by the Solares Fondazione delle Arti. In addition to the photo exhibition, an edition of  Modine’s book Full Metal Jacket Diary is being created by MoreMondadori and a provocative video-film, Full Metal Joker, by Emiliano Montanari will also be presented. Moreover, a restored version of Kubrick’s masterpiece, made on the occasion of the film’s 25th anniversary, will screen at the Rome Film Festival.

FULL METAL JACKET 25th aniversary edition by Stanley Kubrick, USA, 116’
11th November – Teatro Studio 9:00 am
14th November – Teatro Studio 9:00 am
16th November – Teatro Studio 9:00 am
pubblico € 3 | accreditati


FULL METAL JOKER by Emiliano Montanari, Italy, 52’
11th November – Teatro Studio 11:30 am
14th November – Teatro Studio 11:30 am
16th November – Teatro Studio 11:30 am
free entrance

To learn more about Matthew Modine’s Ful Metal Jacket Diary visit:


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