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Emiliano Montanari playing with Non Philosopher Francois Laruelle at the Bucharest Biennale for Contemporary Arts


10, 11 July, 2014 
Curated by Camilla Boemio
Executive Curator Fabrizio Orsini
Location TBA

Imagine Camilla Boemio

Today, large swaths of the population are plugged into the Net, and it encompasses every sphere of human activity in all of its component parts: trite and tiring work; entertainment, business, and money making; informal and formal education; love, romance, and pornography; wily protest and civic endeavors; crime, intrigue, and conflict. Despite these transformations, and barring small moments of breakdown or annoyance, most of its users, at least those with decent access, still experience the Internet as smooth and frictionless. They are blissfully unaware of its knotted and turbulent underworlds, or the worlds from which it grew.

Social network are therefore essential components of what Deleuze called control and modulation societies – and they push them further forward. But let us not forget that Deleuse sometimes speculated about an art of the control, and that his primary concern was not to do away with control, but to do something with it, if not to take control of it. The fact that social networks make disindividuation worse, not so much throught police control, but through the behavioral control exercised by marketing, represents a possible disindividuation which could be countered, but only if one is able to reverse the pharmacologic direction of social networks.

An unpublished talk of two days in which artists, curator, intellectuals, philosophers and filmmakers will give different key to understanding (also by Skype).

David A. Ross (writer, curator. Formerly director, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum of American Art, Boston Institute of Contemporary Art)

Enrico Ghezzi (cinematic writer and critic)

Ravi Agarwal (artist, environmental activist, writer, New Delhi)

Camilla Boemio (writer, curator and Deputy Curator of Maldives Pavilion at 55th Venice Biennale, Roma)

Ethan Bach (Artist, Consultant at Bach Multimedia, Creative Director atVortex Immersion Media Santa Fe, New Mexico and Los Angeles, California)

Max Presneill (artist & curator at Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles and Curatorial Director of Artra Curatorial)

Francesco Jodice (artist, founding member of the Italian Multiplicity group, professor of Urban Visual Anthropology at the Master in Art and Curatorial studies and professor of Photography at the Cinema and New Media Department at NABA, Milan)

Emiliano Montanari (filmmaker and intellectual)

Nico Vascellari (artist, Vittorio Veneto)

Mike Calvert (artist, Los Angeles – New York and Japan)

Achilleas Kentonis (artist and professional education program on Innovation at MIT, Boston)

John Thackara (founder and Director of The Doors of perception, organises festival in Europe and India in which grassroots innovators work with designers to imagine sustainable futures)

Discussion with the audience: From G. Agamben “Homo Sacer”/ Today, politics has become biopolitics. A Global vision.
Projection video art: Ravi Agarwal, Mike Calvert and Nico Vascellari
Film: “Morel a Marienbad” a movie triptych by Emiliano Montanari
Organisation: AAC platform in collaborations with UNIVP / Politecnica University of Marche


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