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TSNY ( they saw nothing yet) Raum – Bologna, October 3rd 2014 > h 11 p.m. (h. 23 circa)

ten years ago – together with the mythological enrico ghezzi I inaugurated and launched RAUM in Bologna. one of the most interesting new arts space around – created and directed by the superchic Xing trio (Silvia Fanti, Daniele Gasparinetti and Andrea Lissoni)

ten years later – Xing friends asked me and enrico to do something special for the 3 days 10 years special edition of Raum ( coming October 3/4/5). and so… we decided to do something together with Nico Vascellari. something I can promise will be really – really special.

TSNY (they saw nothing yet)


Bologna 03/10/2014     Raum – via Cà Selvatica 4D     h. 23.00 circa  / h. 11 pm circa


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