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me and Morgan performing at Cubo Festival 2017. dedicated to Tommaso Landolfi

beckettiani 4

Brian Eno films Emiliano Montanari

Arts mastermind BRIAN ENO films EMILIANO MONTANARI taking the camera from his hands and pointing it on the face of the cineartist. A genius Post-Situationist act form a genius Artist.

Eno films Emi oval

filming Patti Smith with Abel Ferrara and Willem Dafoe

Patti Smith meets Abel Ferrara an Willem Dafoe – filmed by Emiliano Montanari and Abel Ferrara

abel patti willem lanny




filming #AsiaArgento inside the #Arkovo of e g h

filming Asia Argento inside the arkovo of  e g h. with enrico ghezzi

filming Asia B and W


Directing the video live of Jan Fabre’s Mount Olympus

directing the live video web streaming of Jan Fabre’s Mount Olympus at Teatro Argentina in Rome for Romaeuropa Festival

finally on line

egh in girum facebook

with Germano Celant and Enrico Ghezzi at the 4th hour of video live streaming direction of the Jan Fabre’s Mount Olympus #MO24 from the Teatro Argentina for the Romaeuropa Festival event. on


with Vasco Rossi and Enrico Ghezzi. a Venice Film Festvial eghpisode for e g h

filming Vasco and ghezzi for e g h. at the Excelsior in Venice

egho e vasco

filming EUGENE HUTZ leader of Gogol Bordello

Filming the cool Eugene Hutz from Gogol Bordello singing and performing inside the e g h. a nice encounter and surprise.

Eugene  e g h

Euegene playing e g h

WWDWAAC – when we dreams we are all creators.

ready for my new transfilming act – overflying Diego Buongiorno’s exhibition. A dream within a dream … outside              THE DREAM

wwdwaac image